How do you perfect an icon? The Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR 900C is the answer.
Combining a timeless American design with a bulletproof Ford drivetrain that makes 770 horsepower, Classic Recreations has built a modern masterpiece that immediately evokes the classic mustang 1967 GT500. The 60-year-old design has been updated with cutting edge automotive technology, creating a newly-refined American icon that blends the old and the new in perfect harmony.

Each hand-crafted mustang is individually licensed by the Ford Motor Company, lending a degree of legitimacy that is seldom found in the custom car community. Additionally, each car is also approved by the Shelby Worldwide Registry, further highlighting the high standard of craftsmanship and cementing its authenticity.The result is a car from 1967 that wears its heritage proudly, without sacrificing creature comforts to do so. Instead, thanks to its modern underpinnings, it can be enjoyed every single day.Bring your 1967 GT500 mustang fantasy to life with the Classic Recreations Shelby 900C

Shelby G.T.500CR 900C
Investment starting at $274,900

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1967 Mustang Fastback Shelby G.T.500CR 900C

Shelby G.T.500CR 900C Specs

Color availability:
Blue/Silver, Black/Silver, Grey/Black, White/Blue, Red/White
*Custom Colors available upon request

Ford Performance Aluminator Coyote (770 HP)
Ford Performance Supercharger
Custom Dyno Tuned
Tremec Manual Transmission
9″ Fab 9 Rear w/ 3:70 Gear Ratio and Posi Traction Installed
Serpentine Belt Pulley System
Available Options
Automatic Transmission (No Charge)

Rack and Pinion Steering Conversion (Power)
Flaming River Tilt Column (polished)

Carroll Shelby Scat Rally Series 1000 Seats(Highback)
5 point Camlock Seatbelts
Carroll Shelby Signature Guages
200mph Speedometer
Lecarra Leather Wrapped Aluminum Steering Wheel
Old Air Products A/C System
Carroll Shelby G.T.500CR Floormats
Available Upgrades
KPH Guages $500
Right Hand Drive $12,500
Leather $1200

Stereo system:
Pioneer CD Player w/ Removable Face
Stillwater Designs 5 Channel Amplifier
Stllwater Designs Subwoofer
Stillwater Designs Component Speakers
Available Upgrades
Flip Out DVD with Navigation $1000
GPS Tracking Device $499

Wheels and tires:
G.T.500CR 18×8 Aluminum Front Wheels
G.T.500CR 18×11 Aluminum Rear Wheels
Michelin Z Rated Tires 245/35/18 Front
Michelin Z Rated Tires 275/35/18 Rear

Carbon Fiber Body Upgrade $60,000
Authentic Carroll Shelby Exterior Fiberglass Enhancements
Carroll Shelby G.T.500CR Rocker Stripes

Vaporworx Twin Electric Fuel Pumps
Stealth 18 Gallon Fuel Cell

Front: Shelby/Wilwood  6 Piston
Rear: Shelby/Wilwood  6 Piston
Slotted, Crossdrilled and Zinc Washed
Adjustable Rear Proportioning Valve

Trunk Mounted Battery
MSD Ignition

Stainless Works Long Tube Headers
Dual 2.5″ Mandrel Bent Exhaust
Magnaflow Mufflers

Becool Aluminum Crossflow Radiator
2-13″ Electric Cooling Fans

Tubular Sub Frame Connectors
Cosmetic Rollbar

Coilover Front Suspension
Coilover Rear Suspension
Oversized Sway Bars Front and Rear
Available Upgrades
Double Adjustable Coilover Shocks $1500


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