The Shelby GT500CR and Shelby GT350CR Classic Mustang will raise your pulse with its power , turn heads with its classic styling, and put your mind at ease with the reliability of a modern, fuel injected engine. Each car is hand crafted at our Oklahoma facility to the uncompromising standards and unique specifications of each buyer. Modern features include authentic Shelby Performance parts, rack and pinion steering, race-inspired suspension, oversized disc brakes, and more. Each build is thoroughly documented and included in the Shelby Worldwide Registry upon its completion, forever enshrining its place in automotive history.

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Shelby GT500CR 900S

Shelby GT500CR 545

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Shelby GT350CR

Shelby GT500CR Classic

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69-70 Boss 429

69-70 Mach 1

69-70 Boss 302

“The New GT500CR From Classic Recreations Is A Modern Rendition Of The Ever-Popular ’67 Shelby GT500 Classic Mustang”

-Donald Farr, Mustang Monthly

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