Classic Recreations Pro-Touring Shelby GT350CR

Classic Recreations Pro-Touring Shelby GT350CR

Classic Recreations Pro-Touring Shelby GT350CR

The Specialty Equipment Market Association (more commonly known as SEMA) event held at the Las Vegas Convention Center every year never ceases to amaze. If it’s on or related to a vehicle, it’s at SEMA. Manufacturers and customizers from around the world gather to show off their latest and greatest ideas and innovations. With all the companies and people associated with such a large show, it can be difficult for any company to truly stand out. That however, wasn’t a problem for Classic Recreations from Yukon, Oklahoma as they debuted their Pro-Touring 1966 Shelby Mustang GT350CR.

Shelby GT350CR Protouring

For 15 years Classic Recreations has been building and customizing high-performance vehicles. Officially licensed by Shelby, every mustang they build comes with a unique Shelby serial number and is included on the world Shelby registry. The newly revised Pro-Touring GT350CR is another amazing addition to Classic Recreations’ hand-built, made-to-order Mustang lineup.

She;by GT350CR Protouring Rear

While the original GT350 spirit remains present in the overall aesthetics of the GT350CR, it’s obvious this car has more to offer than its namesake could have ever imagined. We start at the front where the standard hood with small scoop was swapped for a custom-made deep draw hood to provide better airflow for the modern mustang heart beating underneath. The bumper has an integrated chin sploiler borrowed from the GT500CR which wraps around the sides and gracefully molds itself into the widened fender flares. The aggressive nature of this Pro-Touring model continues with the rocker panel exhaust which is also a carry-over from the GT500CR. In fact, the GT350CR’s exterior is so well put together even the founder of Classic Recreations said,  “this is easily one of the coolest cars we’ve ever built”.

Shelby GT350CR Protouring top

So it’s clear from the pictures the car has style for days, but this isn’t just a simple case of form over function. As mentioned, beneath that custom hood is a 500 horsepower 5.0-liter V-8 Ford Racing “coyote” engine. While the standard coyote makes 435 hp, this racing engine’s intake was replaced with the intake found in the current Ford GT350 and GT350R 5.2-liter flat-plane-crank “voodoo” engine.

Shelby GT350CR Coyote Engine

To keep this modern-day classic planted firmly on the road, a four-link rear suspension from Detroit Speed was added along with new coilovers and sway bars. But what good will a new engine and suspension be without a way to stop? Solving this problem are a set of Wilwood 6-piston brakes on the front and rear of the car. Of course, those calipers will be hidden behind the stunning American Racing wheels which are wrapped in BF Goodrich Rival tires. Looking at these meaty 300/30/18 tires from the rear is enough to make anyone jealous.

She;by GT350CR Interior

Reminding the driver of the inspiration for the Pro-Touring GT350CR, the interior is classic with large, bolstered leather front seats with and a period looking dash with a complete absence of rear seats. Upon closer inspection though, there is a JVC touch screen sending signals to the Oklahoma-based Kicker amplifier and speakers. This unit also supports Apple car play and offers an optional in-dash iPad setup. The Shelby snake on the shifter ball, armrest and speedometer remind the driver what the car is capable of.

Classic Recreations really went above and beyond manufacturing this modern day classic. The exterior is smooth and flawless with the classic white with blue stripe combination contrasting against matte black accents where chrome would have been on the original. The new, upgraded coyote V-8 and modern suspension will allow this beauty to take to the track anytime the owner wishes. Style, form, function, comfort, and performance were all packaged into the updated Classic Recreations Pro-Touring Shelby GT350CR Mustang; and I love it.

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